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I see people staggering about the streets

or lying in filthy rooms and gutters

and all they say... is that they are free spirits

and entitled to choose....

especially in the matter of drink and drugs.

Why not?

If God gave us free will, He might have known we'd use it.

Alice Thomas Ellis


The Bridge offers a new approach to combat substance craving and use. This recently formed charity presents a creative workshop programme using drama and psychodrama to understand and confront addiction in its various forms and find solutions.


The project is divided into two parts. The performance of commissioned scripts by professional writers, followed by audience participation and a series of affordable workshops open to the public and facilitated by highly qualified therapists.


Our aim is to raise awareness of the nature and consequences of addiction and provide addicts, their partners and families and those who fear they have a problem, a new source of help. We are also in the process of attracting therapists, teachers, social workers and others who work in the caring professions and need a deeper understanding of addiction and its consequences.


The purpose of the workshop is to challenge addiction by using the addict's untapped creativity to accept and come to terms with, and then replace substance craving. This new approach fills many gaps: Alcoholics Anonymous does not suit everyone.


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Registered Charity 1077637