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I wholeheartedly welcome the creative concept of combating the menace of addiction, and its successful realisation as demonstrated by The Bridge initiative. We know that addiction can destroy the family, and society in general. Its scale is enormous and we should support The Bridge in every possible way. It brings positive results with its original approach to the problem.

Vladimir Ashkenazy


The Bridge has a wide range of applications and fills gaps in the existing framework of treatment. It should be widely adopted as a preventive and awareness-raising measure. It also provides an additional programme for those already affected.

Dr. Stephen Farrow


The Bridge workshops give me the chance to witness, and solve on the outside, issues that cannot be so easily resolved on the inside. The workshop activity decreases the power addiction has over me.

Jeff Waters



Interactive psychodrama helps the audience to see what happens when the actors try various different approaches in attempting to resolve domestic trauma. When this is caused by problems with addiction to alcohol or drugs or food, or other mood-altering substances or processes, the audience is able to see that 'obvious' solutions don't always work out as hoped.


These psycho-dramatic presentations are therefore primarily educational: not only do they show us the real pain and confusion in addictive families but they also show us the personal, cultural and therapeutic dilemmas involved in trying to help these families.


Ultimately, powerlessness over other people's behaviour is an extremely difficult lesson to team. One can only offer choices - and they are all hard.


Dr. Robert Lefever MA, MB, BChir, ARCM



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