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The hard core experience of 28 addicts journey to recovery.

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The initial professionally enacted plays and workshops are toured in the UK. These present an examination of addiction and raise awareness of its nature and consequences. We plan to set up affordable workshops at permanent venues in cities and deprived rural areas across the country.


The targeted groups we want to reach include youth groups, sixth forms, GPs, social workers, prisons, workers in the addiction field, universities, rehab units, corporations and research centres. We need to establish a core group of actors, therapists and administrators to promote a progressive development of the project. We place a high priority on evaluation.


Written by professional authors, these make up an evening of drama performed in theatres and other venues across the UK. We have found that using good and experienced actors creates a high standard of production making these performances valuable in their own right as quality drama. Excellent writers, not necessarily personally involved in the addiction arena, are becoming drawn to the creative challenge of exploring addictive themes. We are also including plays by recovering addicts.


We have devised short plays for schools in conjunction with therapists and drama teachers. Again, an ensured quality of acting gets the message across. Using the minimum of props, all these plays can be performed easily.



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